Financial Education

The “Investing Better” Financial Education is a multi-media educational series designed and written by Alpesh and delivered in a memory stick. Alpesh, by recording his computer screen, explains in detail the following topics:

  1. How to Invest Better
  2. Spreadbetting and CFDs
  3. Master Guide to Momentum Indicators
  4. Master Guide to Swing Trading & Trend Following
  5. Starter Smart Investor Guide – Investing with a day job
  6. Starter Smart Investor Guide – Online Investing

Top 10 Benefits of the “Investing Better” Financial Education series:

1. You’re learning from the best

2. Learn quickly, so you can start doing sooner

3. The best teaching tool

4. Get a return on your investment

5. You can go back and forth at your own pace

6. You have a work of reference

7. The educator is a professional trader and broadcaster

8. You get to see and hear and it’s in colour and moves!

9. It is entertaining

10. You are in the comfort of your own home

For more information and prices, please visit or click here.

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