We have an urgent update to share with you.

The response to our *live* event announcement with Alpesh Patel set for 7pm UK time this Monday night has been fantastic.

You Simply MUST Register for this Event:


After announcing this free event hundreds of replies flooded in from people excited to attend it.

And we have some good news for you.

The webinar is happening LIVE Monday night at 7pm UK time:


We do have some BAD news though!

Due to the overwhelming response we’ve only got very limited *free* webinar spots left, so we really need you to go and claim one of the final spots right now:


Alpesh Patel will be revealing some amazing market insights and outlooks, and will be giving you his most profitable trades to make for Summer and how you can use his ‘pullback’ trading system.

But to make sure you get access to this event, secure one of the last remaining seats here:


See you Monday night at 7pm UK time!

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